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It’s always best to conduct trademark clearance searches prior to commencing use of a mark in order to avoid the potential for wasted investments of time and money in developing products that may eventually have to be discontinued or removed from retail venues. Our firm has extensive experience in both U.S. and global trademark prosecution. Our attorneys have handled global trademark portfolios for some of the world’s most famous brands, including trademark search and clearance, filing and registering trademark applications, assigning trademark rights, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, customs registrations, and intellectual property enforcement. We give the same level of attention to all of our clients, whether your portfolio includes thousands of trademark registrations or one application. You can feel safe putting your brands in our hands.

Intellectual Property Enforcement

Ideally, we’d all live without conflict, but sometimes you need to enforce your rights, and we are here to help. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve disputes without landing your business in the headlines as a “bully.” Whether it’s a cease and desist letter, a takedown of infringing products available for sale on e-commerce sites, or a domain name complaint, we will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy to accomplish your goals and protect your company’s reputation.

Anti-Genericide Campaigns

Your responsibility to protect your trademark does not end at registration. If used correctly, trademark rights can last forever, unlike patents or copyrights, but there is also the potential for owners to lose rights in their brands. Our attorneys are experienced in creating tailored educational campaigns to keep your brands out of the trademark graveyard occupied by terms like ASPIRIN, ESCALATOR, and THERMOS, among others.

Domain Name Disputes

If a third party has registered a domain name including your trademark, you may wish to file a Uniform Domain Name Dispute complaint. We have successfully filed and prosecuted UDRP complaints before the World Intellectual Property Organization and similar complaints in the local domain name registries of foreign countries.